Too Dark but not Quite Black Enough

The great arbiters of blackness that I meet everyday have deemed me not quite black enough. This judgement is often pronounced with annoyance and derision as if it’s my fault that America came to me. Continue reading “Too Dark but not Quite Black Enough”


Blue Ghosts and Green Goblins

Blue lights flash in the dark, my time isn’t mine anymore; my thoughts ruthlessly interrupted – I’m being haunted. Call the exorcist! I’m tired of the blue ghosts dodging my footsteps, their incessant cries pulling me from the real world to their own eerie illusion of flashing images and unfriendly friends stamping their approval on brief exhibitions of morbid voyeurism.
I’m weary and leery of the green goblin’s wailing. He whistles in my ear, disrupting my slumber. Day turns into night but he doesn’t knock off, he needs no holiday. He and his blue cousins lap at my eyes and ears, feasting on my attention. My attention span is getting shorter although I stare at them all day. I read all they show me but I remember so little. Their catchphrases echo in my thoughts: they’ve taken over my mind, I must reclaim it. Continue reading “Blue Ghosts and Green Goblins”

It’s Sad Being God Sometimes

How sad it must be to be God at times. To have the world you created perfect marred by the very people you bequeathed it to must fill the heart with pain. Yet the same people inflict even more pain on God by blaming Him for the results of human folly.

When faced with pain, we scream and rail against Him as if He is beyond pain. Do we ever stop to think what it’s like for God to have intimate knowledge of all the pain in the world? Does it ever occur to us to offer words of comfort to God? I didn’t think so. We are too busy trying to pin the blame on somebody and since God is closest to us when the pain hits, it’s just too easy to blame Him. No wonder we never offer Him any words of comfort. We never say,

“Hey God, you spent a whole day viewing suffering humanity. You comforted people who were too busy complaining to take a moment to comfort you too, much less, thank you. That’s got to be rough. I’m sorry.” Continue reading “It’s Sad Being God Sometimes”