I Am Still Tempted (When the Hashtags Go Silent)

I am not like those men in the hashtags. I don’t mean the rapists, I mean the other ones. Relax, I have never ripped a woman’s clothes off and impaled her forcibly on myself. I understand and respect consent. No, I am not like the rapists: those stories horrify me and wrench my heart. I am just not like the other guys in the hashtags. Continue reading I Am Still Tempted (When the Hashtags Go Silent)


Heaven’s Door is too Heavy

Let me never build walls across doors that Jesus has opened,
Let me never declare unclean that which Christ has washed spotless,
As if closing the doors of my heart could seal heaven’s door.
Heaven’s doorway is wider Continue reading Heaven’s Door is too Heavy

Right or…?

Truth be told, certainty is seductive. That is why we congregate around leaders. Their unshakable faith in the rightness of their destination and their ability to take us there draws us fawning to them. Uncertainty both surrounds and fills every one of us for the dawn of intelligence is soon followed by the blazing heat of vulnerability. Before long, we compile lists of calamities seen and felt, dangers real and imagined. Before long, we tremble in the scowling face of our fragility.

A man I refused to greet, Continue reading Right or…?

A Deathbed for a Throne

A bedridden terminally ill old man is hardly the picture of strength but Joash knelt at Elisha’s deathbed declaring him, in exclaimed despair, to be the strength of Israel (2 Kings 13). Chariots and horsemen were the most powerful weapons of the time. This is the clearest depiction of true authority: a commander in chief kneeling in despair at a deathbed. Continue reading A Deathbed for a Throne

The Boy Who Gave His Mom Aphrodisiacs

The misery of a family at war was his from birth. At the centre of the conflict was a tug-of-war for his father’s heartstrings. Each of the two wives had an ace up her sleeve: one was loved while the other, his mother, was fertile. They had not always been wives but happy sisters long before a fugitive stranger appeared at the village well, smitten by the beauty of the younger. Such were the circumstances of his birth, even his name expressed his mother’s mournful longing for her husband’s love. The war dragged in the help as two housemaids found themselves hurled into the master’s bed, Continue reading The Boy Who Gave His Mom Aphrodisiacs


“Kuzolunga.” At face value, a declaration pregnant with hope but often just an impotent capitulation, a hopeless cupping of hands around a dying flame. It is the last word heard by a wife just before she becomes a widow, spoken as death beclouds her bedridden mate. It rings in the ears of the tenant facing eviction, taunts the desperation of the unemployed graduate and annoys Continue reading Kulungani?

Did You Lose Mrs White on The Road to Emmaus?

The shortcut to the eyes would have missed the heart. That is why Cleopas and his friend were prevented from recognising Jesus on that journey to Emmaus. Christ, however, showed that the evidence of Scripture is more important than sensory experience, that He is closer to those who see Him in Moses and the Prophets than to those who won’t go look beyond what the eye can see. Believing is seeing. Continue reading Did You Lose Mrs White on The Road to Emmaus?