Satan is a Staunch Believer

Satan is a believer. He shares our most cherished beliefs. He believes in the existence of God, in fact, they are on the first-name basis. He doesn’t have to believe Genesis’ Creation story because he was there, watching it all happen. He witnessed the prophets of old writing the books of the Bible under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. He even has selfies that he posed for at Calvary. I’m told, one shouldn’t even mention the Second Coming in his hearing because he flies into fits of anger, screaming, “Eish! Time is running out!”

Satan could easily pass any examination on any tenet of doctrinal theology. He could accurately retell the events outlined in the Bible. There are details He can furnish that we don’t know: Joseph’s coat size, Moses’ favourite manna recipes, David’s dance moves and Bathsheba’s favourite brand of soap. Satan’s knowledge of the Bible is much more expansive than ours.

Don’t get me started on prayer! He has had face-to-face discussions with God. He shows more honesty with God than most believers do in their prayers. There is no question about his feelings and opinions on God. We, on the other hand, don’t tell God when we aren’t happy with Him because we only pray to get out of trouble and for our enemies to get in trouble. Just how dumb do we think God is anyway?

If Satan accurately knows doctrinal theology, religiously reads the Bible and is more open to God about his feelings than a lot of believers, why then is he an enemy? Satan has no trust in God and so doctrine (a fancy synonym for teaching), Bible study and prayer produce no real positive effects in his life (James 2:19). There’s absolutely no point in having the right beliefs (as important as that is) if they are held outside a relationship with God. How sweet it would be if we studied, taught and prayed within the context of relationship! God’s love would fill our hearts and overflow into those we encountered.

photo credit: pray via photopin (license)


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