It’s Sad Being God Sometimes

How sad it must be to be God at times. To have the world you created perfect marred by the very people you bequeathed it to must fill the heart with pain. Yet the same people inflict even more pain on God by blaming Him for the results of human folly.

When faced with pain, we scream and rail against Him as if He is beyond pain. Do we ever stop to think what it’s like for God to have intimate knowledge of all the pain in the world? Does it ever occur to us to offer words of comfort to God? I didn’t think so. We are too busy trying to pin the blame on somebody and since God is closest to us when the pain hits, it’s just too easy to blame Him. No wonder we never offer Him any words of comfort. We never say,

“Hey God, you spent a whole day viewing suffering humanity. You comforted people who were too busy complaining to take a moment to comfort you too, much less, thank you. That’s got to be rough. I’m sorry.”

I’m sure someone out there (even the guy I see in the mirror) is wondering how pain and suffering exist in the presence of a loving and omnipotent God. I’m not interested in discussing theodicy right now, I just want to talk about that pain that isn’t in His presence but that which is in His heart. Just take some time to view God on the cross and you’ll know that He is not immune to pain. God alone intimately knows the height of perfect joy and happiness that He desired for us so the pain that our pain causes Him must be far greater than our own.

Is it really that difficult to take a break from complaining about your pain to God and offer Him words of comfort? His pain doesn’t stop Him from reaching out to us. He still seeks a relationship with us, sustaining us, redeeming us and every now and then, spoiling us with dollops of his amazing grace and mercy. Is it too much to ask that we breathe a word of encouragement to Him every now and then?

I wish to do more than just give Him a word of encouragement. I want to live my life such that I can put a smile on God’s face every day… that in a wilderness of pain I may be an oasis of joy. So help me God!


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